About LINK

LINK was founded in 1990 in Newport News by leaders from the interfaith, civic and business community with a vision to break the cycle of poverty. LINK is a nonprofit volunteer organization which exists to help people help themselves through education, direct services, advocacy and outreach programs. To date, more than 130 organizations work collaboratively to provide unduplicated and duplicated coordinated services. You might also be interested in LINK Staff and Key Volunteers

LINK Programs and Services

In collaboration with many other organizations, LINK has undertaken efforts to focus on a wide range of synergistic programs and services:

LINK’s Mission Statement

Linking community resources to provide fast and affordable housing solutions to homeless individuals, as well as emergency services to men, women and children who don’t have access to their basic needs and find themselves in a housing crisis or other emergency situations.

Providing medical respite and a free community home hospice care for all persons regardless of age, socio-economic status, and gender.