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Images from Veterans Medical Respite House Grounds


LINK of Hampton Roads Inc., sought to begin the Medical Respite program for homeless male veterans in 2013. Many veterans have found relief from the streets and the anxieties of homelessness during their recovery from mental health and/or addiction, amputations, cancer treatments, surgeries or other serious times when 24/7 nursing care is needed to regain health and well-being.

The house grounds are maintained by a veteran and former participant of the Medical Respite program. Veterans from Mission Continues also provides volunteers to the homes to ensure they are maintained to the highest standards. CNA’s, LPN’s, R.N’s and other medical professionals are part of a team who work to ensure your health and diet is maintained during your recovery.

A LINK Program Director and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from the Veterans Administration Medical Center work tirelessly to maintain safety and provide opportunities to you in order that permanent housing is an option that is available to you, with your participation, at the end of your stay with us.

Veteran’s Resources:

Assisted Living Research Institute: Works with a group of medical professionals here at Assisted Living and based on conversations we have had with communities across the US, one of the common challenges that came up was finding proper care options for veterans and those living with disabilities. So we created a dedicated section on our site that provides comprehensive information on topics like, available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available from each state. You can see the entire guide here:


Mesothelioma Fund: Our site offers free services for veterans and their families dealing with the cost and treatment for mesothelioma cancer. Unfortunately asbestos exposure was unavoidable for millions of veterans.

The Mesothelioma Center: Nearly one-third of annual mesothelioma cases are former service-members due to the use of asbestos in many different military applications and equipment. Not only are our information and services all free to use, but we also help veterans navigate the complicated VA claims process. Military Veterans Substance Abuse and Addiction Awareness: Military Veterans Substance Abuse and Addiction Awareness that provides comprehensive information on substance abuse statistics among veterans, governmental programs that offers treatment, and steps that veterans can take to get the help that they need.

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