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Our Mission

We strive to link resources to provide fast and affordable housing solutions by providing emergency services to men,women, and children who don't have access to their basic needs.



provided assistance in 2023 Fiscal Year.


of food distributed to those in need during the 2023 Fiscal Year.


kept off the streets during the 2022/2023

PORT Winter Shelter season.


permanently housed through our CANLINK Supportive Housing Program.


PORT (People Offering Resources Together) 

– is an emergency winter shelter with the intent to house the homeless on the coldest nights of the year, ensuring no one dies on the streets

The Emergency Services Program is

walk-in, offering essential support with our food pantry, clothing closet, and stock of common household goods.

No referral required.

Explore a wealth of vital resources

on our page including:

  • Housing

  • Shelter

  • Food Assistance

  • Notary Public Services

  • Mental Health Support

We're in the news sharing what we do best in the community and we're ALWAYS looking for people like YOU to join our initiative.

Direct Donate


Use our Paypal Donation button above to safely and securely donate to LINK of Hampton Roads with your credit or debit card.

You may also set up monthly recurring donations via PayPal.

Stock / Cars / Land / Houses


Donating stocks, cars, land, or houses to charity is simple and easy. When you donate stocks to charity, you’ll generally take a tax deduction for the full fair market value. And because you are donating stock, your contribution, and tax deduction may instantly increase by over 20% Would you prefer to donate bonds or mutual funds?

The same benefits apply. 

Not only that, if you choose to donate Cars, Land, or Houses those contributions go directly to helping our community. Whether it be converting a house into a new shelter or giving a single mother the car she needs to get to work, your donations make a change.​

Neighborhood Assistance Program


​Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) For business or Individual contributions over $500, please read about the 65% state tax credit you might be eligible for! LINK is a participating organization.  Applications are available in May. See link below for more information on NAP.

Our Commitment


100% of your donations go directly towards helping the homeless, at-risk, and less fortunate in our community.


A Special Thank You

To Our Sponsors

Emergency Resources

for the Homeless and at Risk

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