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The Emergency Services Program consists of several sub-programs, the purpose of which is to provide interventions when dealing with immediate financial or basic living and essential needs.

  • The Emergency Services program also includes delivering items as and when required per referral usually from a Dept of Social Services. 

  • Share the Spirit and Adopt a Family Holiday Programs provides food and gifts for household(s) at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

  • New Partnership with a Diaper Bank and now are able to give out adult and babies/children’s diapers. 

All items listed above provide the basic emergency essentials to individuals and families, to meet and address their immediate needs and/or address their crises which in turn address the stabilization and furthers self-sufficiency growth.

All of LINK’s programs encompass a holistic approach in assessing and providing for the basic needs of each person who accesses the Emergency Services Program.

If you are homeless in need of a mailing address, please use LINKs address and we will forward mail to you. Just stop by to pick up your mail, address is shown below.

LINK Emergency Services also provides access to hot drinks, food, clothing, use of computer and phone. 

Emergency Services Hours are 9:00am - 3:00pm
Located at 10413 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA

Food Pantry

Our food pantry is a distribution center where hungry families can receive food.  We are supplied with food from a food bank. Amount of food distributed is determined by individual and family need. 

Clothing Closet

In conjunction with other programs, LINK can assist individuals with professional and casual clothing to help them get on their feet.  The Clothing Closet assists with men, women and baby/children’s clothing items.  Items are free and limited to five outfits per month.  Inventory ranges from underwear and socks to professional suits.

Building Bridges Furniture

For qualified individuals, LINK maintains a distribution center to help individuals and families access household necessities when moving from homelessness, or in the event of eviction or fire.

LINK also provides donated vehicles to VIEW/Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare” mothers (or fathers), who can afford to insure and maintain vehicles with the assistance of employment.  

If you would like to donate items to one of our Emergency Services Programs please call at 
757-595-1953 to arrange a drop off

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